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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   4th February 2013, 08:19

General Forum Rules


  • All those who want to join this forum must post in the Registration Section, after 24 hours of the request you will have access to the forum.
  • All registered members are obligated to read Guild Rules
  • Respect ideas, religions and races other than their own
  • Respect someone who is new: no one comes knowing everything already
  • Have fun

Do Not:

  • Write in CAPS, as this behavior is disruptive and is considered the Internet the same way as SHOUTING
  • Spam
  • Post empty or useless posts/topics
  • Violent and heated discussions - flaming
  • Rage and swear at the other person when being flamed, simply take a screenshot and report to the Officers


  • Before posting it is better to know the forum and the topics you are posting in: In every group there are rules to be respected and even unwritten rules dictated by simple cohabitation among users
  • Use the Search when looking for a certain post/topic
  • Make sure you're posting in the right forum section
  • Vice/Officers/Moderators/Admins are humans too

Moderation Information:

  • Moderation is the responsibility of forum moderators and Admin. Vice Leaders will be given Moderator permission as standard
  • Moderators have the role to control the actions of users in specific sections of the forum, supervise, protect the proper conduct of discussions and push in a good direction in case of violation of policy
  • Administrators has full power over the forum and will not hestitate to use when required
  • The moderation has as its goal the maintenance of an atmosphere of civil discussion among users, by applying the rules and jokes
  • All users can see at any moment, the list indicates some of the Administrators and Moderators, so that you always know who to contact for a particular problem

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Rules of Conduct
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